So I forgot to take a picture but this is a semi list of what I bartered today-

I got rid of a few games I had had for years collecting dust, a few old posters also a few things such as a wallet I found in the recycling bin this summer, also a book on cd that was given to me to barter.

what I got was

3 family size chicken noodle soups

5 cans of various soups

2 boxes of mac and cheese

3 cans assorted weird veggies that will be donated to food shelf

and 1 dessert mix that happened to be expired by 6 (yes 6) years :( This is why I always double check expiration dates on food- I have even recieved can food that is expired.

Usually it is about 1 or 2 food items per item but one of my games was a scene it game so I got a few more cans for that :)

Yea for free food!!!

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