Recently I came upon a group on Facebook, a group dedicated to bartering in my town… remembering from my high school days I knew that this is what people did before there was money-well I don’t have any money (starving college student) so I though I would give it a try. I am into my 3rd month of bartering and I am HOOKED.

The process goes like this-

1. Once you are accepted to the group(everyone is) you upload pics to an album of things you want to get rid of or comment on things other people have posted that you want.

2. Comment or message with that person to determine what you/they want to trade for the items.

3. Determine a safe public place in the daylight where the trade can take place. Then make the trade!

There are many benifits to bartering, I am currently downsizing from being a packrat and purchasing things I dont need to only buying nessary things, instead of having a garage sale I am bartering all of these things for things like food, TP, some dvds, the other ocasional thing I might actually need and oh, did I say food? The great thing about this is that I am taking things I am not using anymore and trading them with things I always use or would need to buy.

Lots of people barter services, like some ladies will make curtians or knit or crochet cute things for you,  other people do things like car maitnence or gardening help. What I like to do is go find perfectly usable and functional things in the dumpster or recycleing bins and then trade them for things like food- this is a win win situation, I win, the earth wins, and the person with a new great looking candle stick wins too :)

After joining this site it has taught me many things including that age old saying “one person’s junk is another persons treasure”. Also it has taught me to be more outgoing, sometimes at a barter there will be 20 cars of people all bartering with each other, instead of waiting for people to find me I like to go out and join conversations and meet new friends and eventually get all my barters done.

Well I have 6 barters tomorrow, one wednesday and 2 friday so far so wish me luck! I will be updating more on my bartering now that I have this main post..

Stay tuned for more awesomeness and hopefully some pics!

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